The Sequel is Always Bitter

Hello my fellow Bitterlings. Some of you might recognize me from such blogs as my original one called Ben’s Bitter Blog, in which I posted over a thousand reasons why you should be bitter. I was humming along writing posts 5 days a week, when all of a sudden, the bitterest case scenario happened.

I type in my user name as I have for over SIX years, and then my password. The stupid thing pops up and says, “Your Password is not correct.”  I laugh it off because I laugh no times ever and all of a sudden, it doesn’t work. I figure I’m just really bad at remembering my password and type it one more time and then another and another, until the rude login guy tells me that if I type in the wrong password one more time, they are going to put me in bitter WordPress jail and not let me type it in again for 15 minutes.

I blow it off and think that it will just fix itself, just like I figure all my problems will be solved, and try it again. Fast forward many bitter fist-pounding days, and here I am. Not on the original blog, not able to get access to it, and all my hard work of 6 years, just sitting there, not being added upon for almost a whole month. So I did what any bitter revenge seeking guy would do and started a new blog. From scratch. It will look much like the old one and taste just as bitter (because it is from the same bitter guy). It will have the same bitter content, but 0 of my followers from the previous one. So I plan on being as obnoxious as I can about getting new followers and hunting down all the old ones.


Just like every sequel ever made this blog will be a hundred times better than the original. They can take the blog from the bitter guy, but they can’t take the bitter guy from the blog.


Bitter 2.0 Ben


72 thoughts on “The Sequel is Always Bitter

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  2. Hey, Ben. Sounds like you’ve encountered some extremely bitter suckage. I feel for you.

    I notice the “like” button is still not active for this post. The theme you’re using is different from mine, so it might not help, but try this:

    WP Admin –> Settings –> Sharing –> Scroll down a bit –> Third or So Entry from bottom should be something like “WordPress.Com likes are” and you can choose between turn on for all posts or turn on per post.

    Good luck.


  3. Oh wow, that sucks! I was going to ask you if you’ve tried contacting WP support, but I reckon you must have already. 6 years… I’m happy I found your new blog. Or actually that you found me and let me know about your new blog :p

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    • Yeah, I tried support and I tried everything. Unless I could find an old bill (which I can’t seem to find), I up a creek without a paddle. I’m moving on. I even set up a paid blog called Bitter Entertainment Network that I’m going to try and monetize. Tired of not getting paid for all this content.

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  4. This is the bitterest thing that could ever happen: reincarnation as a bitter blogger again. The bitter wheel of birth, death, and rebirth really does go round and round. But thanks for returning to this blogosphere, as it reminds what’s in store for me some day, after my blog dies.


  5. In case you want to start using your original blog again, this might help:

    On the site, there’s a section that says “lost your password?” — if you click on it, then this message appears: “enter your user name or email address. Then wait for recovery details to be sent. Then follow the instructions and be re-united with your account.”

    Good luck.

    Neil S.


  6. Thank you for making me aware of your current bitterness. It’s one of your best bitternesses to date, so inadvertently WP has made you a better bitter blogger. So there’s that. Bothersome as it might be.


  7. well HERE you are! Dang it all man, you are supposed to stay in ONE spot so I can read bitter stuff on days when I can not stop smiling! Cyranny let us know you were hanging out here now so we could once again drive you even more bitterly towards the edge. As one who has lost TWO (yes, 2) blogs to the insanity of hacky peeps, let me congratulate you on the swiftness of your bitter return.


    • Yep, I was pretty bitter about it. But what can you do but get revenge and start a new blog.
      Also, did I just read you are engaged and living in England? What the heck girl? How did this all come about?

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      • Hahahah I guess we haven’t talked in quite a while! YES! I got engaged in December to a British lad and I’ve been staying with him in England for the past four months. I’ll be heading home in less than two weeks to start working again until we know he’s got a USA visa and can come back!


      • We are hoping to settle in the US, Charleston specifically, which is where we met. His visa was denied for the first time so we have our fingers crossed for this second time, which we will know in February. If it’s denied again, we will settle here in England!


      • Whoa that sucks. I hate it when my Visa gets denied. Then I have to use my Discover. But seriously, so cool that you live there and I hope you guys make it back to the States. If not, you might have to marry him so he can get his green card! HA!

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