Building a Bitter Kingdom Friday Giftures


I’ve learned a lot about bitterness in my life, but especially lately. I’ve always had that bitter edge, but when I lost access to my blog early this month, WordPress is going to learn that you can’t keep a bitter guy down. If I want to be down that is my choice. They may think they have crumbled the Bitter Kingdom, but all they did was make me more determined to be bitter than ever. With the old blog down, I don’t have much to show for it, except this tiny brick. But with that brick I will build the kingdom even bigger and bitterer. Look forward to bigger things coming. In the meantime, the Bitter Friday Giftures have been missing for a little while, but today they are back and they are bitter than ever.

They will keep throwing me in the mud…

…and I will keep getting back up for some more mud.

They will throw chairs at me…

…but I will just use them to sit on.


They might exercise me out of the way…

…but I will just keep getting in their way.

Spill stuff in my face…

Β …and I will just enjoy the contents…messily.

Treat me like this….

…guess who’s going to pay the bill.

I thought we were friends…

…I’ll just go and find someone hotter.

Do you think I’m just going…

…to give up? You might be right. But only because the floor is so comfortable.

Gravity might win…

…this time..


…this time…


And this time…

…wasn’t eggcellent….


And this might be a lesson to not…

…make out in public…

But I’m going to roll…

…out of this thing like a boss.

Despite reports that the bitter kingdom was dead, it very much is not. No matter how hard they tried to destroy it, it will keep coming back. Just like Wayne Manor, we will build it back brick by brick. And we build an addition in the West Wing. The nightmare is back!


Bitter Kingdom Builder Ben



55 thoughts on “Building a Bitter Kingdom Friday Giftures

  1. Your Treat Me Gifture reminded me of a friend who stepped out of the shower, scaring the cat who jumped and latched on to my friend’s man part causing him to step back, trip and fall back into the shower hitting and gashing his head. Sitting with him in the hospital I asked, “Is that how you broke your arm too?” He said, “No the paramedics were laughing so hard they dropped me down the stairs.” Bitter man.


    • Yeah, it’s kind of crazy. Some really weird circumstances lead to it happening. I was using an old work email for my account and it must have got shut down two years later. Once that shut down, my old password wouldn’t work and I couldn’t recover it because the recovery email would have gone back to my old one. Without evidence that I purchased an upgrade, they can’t help me. I couldn’t find anything going back almost two years, so as of right now, I can’t get it back.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I think what happened is that I used an old work email address for access and after 2 years, the password didn’t work, so I assume they shut down my email address.


    • I logged in one day and for some reason, the password wasn’t working. I think what happened is the email address I was using for my blog got shut down. Any chance of recovery would go to the old email. I just had to move on.


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