Moving to the Bitter Side

He means the Bitter side.

Hey Everyone who follows this blog. I know I just switched to this one from my old one, but now I need to ask you all another bitter favor. When I first started my Ben’s Bitter Blog, I did a post that didn’t seem like much at the time, but in the last 6 years had been growing in my mind of something that I really wanted to do. It was called Bitter Entertainment Network, (B.E.N.) and I loved the idea of starting my own television network solely around things that made me bitter and entertained people. (It also didn’t hurt that the initials were BEN).

At the time it seemed silly because I couldn’t afford to start my own channel. But with the rise of YouTube and other such things, I think it might be possible. So, I recently bought the website, Bitter Entertainment and I want to have you all start following that Blog. It is just the beginning of my ambiton to create a YouTube channel and other things to entertain you bitterly. So if you wouldn’t mind following that blog, because that is where I shall be posting from now on. Same bitter blog posts, with videos to go along with them soon.

I will also be adding my Bitter News From the Couch there soon so you can be entertained by some old news I have been working on as well.

Support the cause my following that blog today. Your most bitter blogger,

Bitter Ben

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